fleet fuel finder


WEX - Octane



The User wants quick & easy access to nearby fuel providers & prices

  • Our user is a driver & is constrained by the tasks of operating a vehicle
  • Our user needs to utilize specific accounts for fuel purchase

Running on empty

We built out the initial workflow with the assumption that a user would be most likely to use the app when they were in need of fuel. If that motivation is taken to extreme the user needs gas now, and doesn't have time to pull over to work through accounts, favorites, or fuel type. We built out mocks with the nearest providers listed by proximity and ran a quick usability test with some drivers one of which was a professional courier. We were then able to develop the app with a high level of confidence.

Product Design Mobile UX Navigation
Whiteboard Balsamiq Illustrator

Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel

When this app released, there wasn't a native option for turn by turn directions available on iOs or android. With this in mind we implemented a text to speech solution that proffered oversized buttons for advancing directions with as little  distraction from the road as possible. The option to send the location to Google Maps made it possible to leverage Google's feature updates in turn by turn navigation.

We got a thing that's called...accurate and timely data

Gasbuddy was already on the market, and their value proposition had been proven; See who has the best prices on gas nearby. Gasbuddy also had a shortcoming; they relied on crowdsourcing for their data. This means other users might enter gas prices errantly, or not report them at all. As such the user makes their decision on what might be inaccurate data.

WEX Octane, on the other hand utilized data captured from their fleet service charge accounts to report fuel costs directly from the terminal. This provided accurate and timely data thru APIs to inform the app. This was proven extremely useful when the WEX first responder teams utilized the app to determine what stations were even providing fuel, in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.  


  • Consider the most stressful situation your product will be regularly used in and make sure you nail that experience.
  • WEX named in INC’s 500 list for tech innovation citing this app as a contributing factor.